My Secret Ingredient

My Secret Ingredient

Favorite book, pack of Oreos, lucky rabbit’s foot, four leaf clover, a kick-ass CRM and project management system. We all have our own must-have accoutrements to complement our day-to-day activities and get to the next level. Here’s a rundown of the things we can’t do without in our business.

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Melanie Kissell of I’m Blogging This
The Mainstay of My Business is Not a Tool or a Technique or a Tactic or Even a Thing

Tea Silvestre of Story Bistro
How to Tell a Compelling Story with Your About Page

Carol Lynn Rivera of Web Search Social
Marriage And Business: A Love Letter

Sharon Hurley Hall
How to Work with Writers [Slideshare]

Annie Sisk of Stage Presence Marketing
The Power of a Well-Formed Habit for Solopreneurs & Freelancers

Nicole Fende of The Numbers Whisperer
Excel for Creative Entrepreneurs in 3 Easy Steps (and a Bigger Bottom Line)

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog
Five compelling reasons to get clear

Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing
Most marketing is total bullshit

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