Janice Schwarz of GeekArtist Web Solutions

Janice Schwarz of GeekArtist Web Solutions

Hi, my name is Janice Schwarz and I am the owner of GeekArtist Web Solutions, LLC.

My focus isn’t just on great websites, but great, personalized customer service too!

I have been:

  • 21 years in the Tech Industry
  • 19 years in the Internet Industry
  • 15 years making websites professionally
  • Both enterprise-level and small business experience
  • Bachelor of Science in Business/e-Business
  • Member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers

Around 5 to 10% of the people in my industry have been making sites as long as I have!

My business is one-stop shopping: from web hosting, to training, copy writing, and more.

Due to my love of writing and teaching, I finally write an e-book, available on my site (geekartist.com) as PDF, and on Kindle and Nook: Website Wonders Made Easy: Websites Unwoven – A Guide to Creating a PROFESSIONAL Website, in Plain English.

This is NOT a “how to make a website book”.

This book covers all the things those don’t: laws, terminology, checklists, what to do when things go wrong, site promotion, how to find a web designer and a few pointers on the DIY route. This book is written to help everyone avoid the mistakes I’ve seen countless website owners make for the past 15 years.

I am a mother of twins (toddlers, right now). My husband and I also have a tortoise shell calico cat, a rottweiler mix dog, and an aquarium of fish.

For fun, I play video games, I’m a bookworm, I have a background in dance (including bellydance!). I used to spin fire staves, but am now working on learning Poi.

Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  You can view me, or my business, or LinkedIn too!

I also have a Reddit group, WebSiteOwners101: a great place to find a collection of helpful articles, and visitors can post questions. And because of the book I wrote, I’ve got another Q&A area on Goodreads.

I have a personal site too, that you may enjoy just to get to know me better. Sometimes its funny. Sometimes thoughtful. Sometimes ranty. Sometimes political, but it’s the real me: FaceDownInGoldfishCrackers.

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