Great Tools that Work Well

Great Tools that Work Well

Everybody and their mom claims to have the magic panacea that will suddenly jump you from living out of a cardboard box to a six figure income, laughing from the penthouse suite as you throw coins over your balcony – not for the morbid fun of it, but so you can feel something again. Anyway, here’s a lineup of the Word Carnival business experts favorite tools – all for under $10. No panaceas, just great tools that work well.

Welcome to the big top! Time to tame the tigers and feed the elephants. Take a bag of peanuts and pull up a chair!

Read on: (not all links may be active until Wednesday AM!)

Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing
Don’t be Scrooge McDuck when it comes to investing in your business

Michelle Nickolaisen of Bombchelle
21 apps under $10 that’ll boost your biz & make your life easier

Alisa Meredith
How Canva Creates Brand Advocates and Raving Fans

Denisse of Busy Super VA
My Favorite Tool For Under $10

Ashley Welton
My Biz Would Be Broke Without This One Tool

Tea Silvestre of Story Bistro
Mise en place! Rock Your Project and Client Management with ASANA

Michelle Church of Marketing Support 4 U
AVS4YOU – Enhance your online presence for less

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog
The scheduling tool that sells. If you blog.

Sharon Hurley Hall
4 Top Tools Under $10 (Plus 2 Paid Tools I Can’t Live Without)

Nicole Fende of The Numbers Whisperer
Avoid (Profit) Death by 1,000 Cuts

Melanie Kissell of I’m Blogging This
Deepen Your Online Relationships: Send a Smile In a Box

Bonus post: Nick Armstrong’s Pixelated on Purpose
Got confused users? Here are two quick fixes for under $10

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