Mental Health and Your Small Business

Mental Health and Your Small Business


Are they really nuts or just acting that way?

Sure, it takes a certain degree of focus to confidently juggle all those chainsaws, stay perfectly balanced on top of your fellow clown’s shoulders, and stay upright in those big shoes. They couldn’t stuff so many of themselves in a tiny VW Beetle or keep us all so entertained without a significant amount of skill, either.

So what is it about clowns that makes us feel so unsettled? The idea of mental health gone awry – and for many small business owners, it’s a reality rather than a circus fantasy.

This month we decided to dive into the depths of mental health in your small business, the consequences when mental health is anything but healthy, and what to do to get your sanity back. Read on!

Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing
Depression and Anxiety are Thieves

Nicole Fende of The Numbers Whisperer
For Sale: Small Biz Owner’s Sanity, Slightly Used, Only $20

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog
Blog your way out of the gulf

Sharon Hurley Hall
Writers, Are You Looking After Your Mental Health?

Melanie Kissell of Solo Mompreneur
The Number One Factor that Makes You Look, Feel, and Perform Better in Your Business

Carol Lynn Rivera of Web Search Social
Zombies, Vampires And Other Client Nightmares: How To Keep Cool And Slay Your Business Dragons, Too

Photo credit: Clowns Shouldn’t Be Scary by pEtE.

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