It Takes a Village: Small Biz Success & the Power of Community

It Takes a Village: Small Biz Success & the Power of Community

This month, the Word Carnival celebrates it’s 1-year anniversary…a whole year of small biz bloggers coming together to share their insights and creativity with their peers.

So it made sense that our topic this time around was “Community.” The Word Carnival community continues to grow and we all feel strongly that participating has played an important part in the growth of all our businesses and blogs.

Step right up, and join the show! This is an interactive experience, folks.

Jenny Bones of Up Your Impact Factor
How to Crush Your Competition Overnight

Sharon Hurley Hall of Get Paid to Write Online:
Community and Your Writing Business: It Takes a Village

Annie Sisk of Stage Presence Marketing:
Building a Clan to Get There Faster (and Saner)

Katrina Pfannkuch of Buzzword Communications: The Power of Several Creative Matches Burning as One Strong Flame

Carol Lynn Rivera of Web Search Social
3 Types Of Communities That Matter To Your Business And How To Start Building Them Today

Nick Armstrong, The Business Storyteller: I Got Here with Help

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog:
Clans. It’s a Revolution, well, you know

Miss Donna, the Unemployed Entrepreneur
Yes…You Can’t Do it Alone

Clare Price of 5 Easy Pages
The Community is the Brand

Sandi Amorim of Deva Coaching
Celebrating a Village of Dreams

Nicole Fende of Small Biz Finance Forum
Using Community to Power Profits

Tea Silvestre, aka the Word Chef:
The Quantum Mechanics of Manifesting Your Community

Photo Credit: Mary Margaret