Carol Lynn Rivera, Marketer and Author/Editor of Web.Search.Social

Carol Lynn Rivera, Marketer and Author/Editor of Web.Search.Social

Carol Lynn Rivera began her career as a kindergarten teacher and program developer for several private and startup schools in New York and New Jersey. For more than ten years she immersed herself in developing unique, exciting and memorable curricula usually involving a lot of spilled paint and many, many recycled kitchen appliance boxes.

When the winds of change blew in 1999, she joined her husband in his new business venture and thus began Life, Part 2: The Marketing Career. In the 13 years since, Carol Lynn has managed and run Rahvalor Interactive, a creative services and marketing company, with her husband Ralph and a collection of dedicated minions.

As owner and project manager of Rahvalor, Carol Lynn wears many hats. On any given day she will be responsible for building websites, writing for blogs, managing clients’ social media accounts, making sandwiches, meeting with prospects, providing TLC for clients and dealing with one of the cats that will inevitably crawl up on someone’s keyboard to nap.

Carol Lynn’s philosophy is guided by her passion for education, one that’s reflected in her online marketing magazine, Web.Search.Social where she helps to educate business owners and marketers lest they be enticed and lured by scammers, spammers and otherwise bad-eggs.¬†As a writer, Carol Lynn aims to educate, entertain and help small businesses succeed in a very noisy and often convoluted marketing world.

You can connect with her everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

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