Your Creative Juices: How to (Re)Connect

Your Creative Juices: How to (Re)Connect

Being a small business owner requires you to think creatively. And not just so you can innovate. Nope. There are plenty of other reasons, too. (Like finding ways to get it all freakin’ done.)

This month, our carnies tackled the topic with their usual relish. Here are their offerings for your enjoyment:

Clare Price of NewBizStrategists:
Creativity: The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Sharon Hurley Hall of Get Paid to Write Online:
Creativity Alone is Not Enough! 


evan austin of Graphics (and more!) by evan austin:
Naked Creativity: What it is and How to Get it


Nick Armstrong, The Business Storyteller:
Steal Like an Artist

Annie Sisk of PJ Productivity:
101 Easy-Breezy Ways to Get Your Creativity On

Michelle Church of Virtually Distinguished:
Create Balance and Harmony Through Creativity

Eugene Farber of Reality Burst:
How to Be Creative: Multiplying Your Ideas by Dividing


Nicole Fende, A.S.A. of Small Business Finance Forum:
Creative Finance That Won’t Get You Arrested

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog:
The right brain, left brain thing and content curation

And of course, myself: Tea Silvestre, aka the Word Chef:
Brainstorming 2.0: 15 Juicy Ways to Use the Internet

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  1. Yay, SO excited to learn from all of you once again!

  2. Another awesome round of posts! You’ve all earned a carney side show badge of honor this month.

  3. I am blown away with all the great advice in these articles. How could you not be creative with all this inspiration!

  4. Once again, you have given us a great gift. Thank you for all this information you have shared with us again. The advice on these articles are so helpful. Just have to go and share them now!

  5. Dang, can I pick a good group to join or WHAT!? Y’all are awesome.

  6. As always I’m fascinated by how we all start with the same basic topic and explore it in such a variety of ways.

    @Tea – so if we get enough side show badges can we trade them in for a bigger prize in true carnie fashion?

  7. Wow – these are certainly great suggestions on how we can get our creative juices flowing. A huge thanks for compiling such a great list of resources!


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