evan austin, graphics (and more!)

evan austin, graphics (and more!)

My name is evan austin, and i’m a freelance graphic designer and social media helper living in Ojai Valley, California with my wife, three kids, one dog, three cats, and a Roomba.

i grew up drawing, reading, and writing voraciously, and figured a career doing any or all of those things would be swell. Throw a computer (and a Graphic Design degree from Santa Barbara City College) in there, and you have this whole graphic-designer-who-blogs-and-helps-businesses-use-social-media thing i’ve got goin’ on.

i started Graphics (and more!) be evan austin in September 2010, and while my full-time job is definitely “Dad”, i’m really enjoying helping businesses and non-profits communicate what they’re passionate about in ways that are attractive, functional, and sustainable. i design using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator on a MacBook Pro, sometimes with the help of a Wacom Intuos 3 digital drawing pad. On the social web, i hang out on

Facebook: eadesign.me

Twitter: @graphicsbyevan

LinkedIn: evanaustin

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