Annie Sisk, Queen of the Fuzzy Slippers

Annie Sisk, Queen of the Fuzzy Slippers

Annie is the self-professed Queen of the Fuzzy Slippers and CFO (Chief Fun Officer) of Pajama Productivity, where solo creative business owners and artists learn to build, manage, and grow their online empires without losing their tenuous grasp on reality in the process. She’s been a children’s theater actress, a strip club waitress, a lawyer, a retail salestron, a GameMaster, and an archery instructor at various points in the past. Now she writes (a LOT) and solves others’ business problems from her couch.

Annie also publishes Trauma Dolls, the lifestyle website for women with chronic pain conditions. She lives in the North Carolina mountains with her daughter, a fish, and a cat who doesn’t technically live with them but still drops by from time to time.

If you’d like to work with Annie to ramp up your productivity, or just rent her brain to solve a specific business problem, you can get a free half-hour coaching call to try it out and make sure she’s the person for your job. Sign up for the weekly Pajama Productivity newsletter, too, which gets you special subscriber-only articles and first-look deals on Annie’s services and future PJP publications.


  1. Game Master?! Now, I’m intrigued…do tell!

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