Business Relationships: Start, Nurture or End Them

Business Relationships: Start, Nurture or End Them

Relationships are the life blood of your business! So it’s important to pay attention to them.

Our August Word Carnival bloggers tackled this topic with gusto! Here are our posts:

evan austin of Graphics (and more!) by evan austin:
Tossing Rings on Bottles/Starting Business Relationships

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog:
Business Relations: An Oxymoron?

Ivana S. Taylor of Strategy Stew:
Cooking Up a Killer Referral Strategy

Nick Armstrong, The Business Storyteller
Equal and Opposite Community Reactions

Annie Sisk of PJ Productivity:
How Not to Blow the Most Important Business Relationship You’ll Ever Have

Stella Anokam, of
LinkedIn Networking: How to Get Up to 500+ LinkedIn Connections in 30 Days

Michelle Church of Virtually Distinguished
We Are Engaged! 

And of course, myself: Tea Silvestre, aka the Word Chef:
Bad Table Manners: 39 Ways to Kill Valuable Business Relationships

Join us next month when we take on the topic of How to Find and Connect with Your Ideal Customers.

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