They CAN Co-Exist: Fun and Productivity

They CAN Co-Exist: Fun and Productivity

Being wicked productive doesn’t have to come at the cost of fun. Joy can be had when you’re at your most efficient. Each month, a group of wickedly smart business owners come together for the Word Carnival to discuss a business topic, this month – we’re covering Fun and Productivity, and how both can exist side-by-side.

Read on: (not all links may be active until late Wednesday AM!)

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog
Take a walk, have a shower

Carol Lynn Rivera of Web Search Social
7 Things Wasting Your Time Instead Of Making You Money

Sharon Hurley Hall
5 Ways I Have Fun While I Work

Annie Sisk of Stage Presence Marketing
The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Burnout and Finding Your Passion Again

Nicole Fende of The Numbers Whisperer
Process, Systems, and… Adventure? (to Profit!)

Tea Silvestre of Story Bistro
9 Tips to Connect with Your Inner Genius and Find Your Best Content Marketing Stories

Melanie Kissell of I’m Blogging This
I’d Get Nothing Done If Productivity Wasn’t So Much Fun

Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing
Why Rituals Matter

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