Dirty Deeds and Due Diligence

Dirty Deeds and Due Diligence

The New Year is bright with all sorts of new ideas, but in certain circles there’s still plenty of shady tricks and underhanded practices that we think should be called out. This month’s word carnival: Dirty Deeds and Due Diligence – what to watch out for in 2015!

Check it out, we’re pulling the wool back:

Read on: (not all links may be active until late Wednesday AM!)

Melanie Kissell of I’m Blogging This
When Affiliate Marketers Shove Promo Links In A Blog Post Like They’re Stuffing A Turkey

Molly McCowan of Inkbot Editing
How to Hire an Editor, Not an “Editor”

Carol Lynn Rivera of Web Search Social
The Confounding Practice Of Content Curation

Blaze Lazarony of Blaze A Brilliant Path
The Dirty Offer Exposed

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog
Why you shouldn’t buy a website

Sharon Hurley Hall
3 Issues That May Drive Your Writer Away

Janice Schwarz
Shady Tricks In the World of Web Design & Site Promotion

Annie Sisk of Stage Presence Marketing
When Someone Starts Telling You “The Right Way to Market Your Business Online,” Run Like Hell

Nicole Fende of The Numbers Whisperer
Serious or Sucker: When To Spend the Big Bucks

Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing
Marketing Nonsense: Meaningless Words and Red Herring Concerns

Photo Credit: Uncover Your Eyes by Keirsten Marie

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