Jekyll and Hydes – Businesses in Opposition

Jekyll and Hydes – Businesses in Opposition

Doctor Jekyll, Mr. Hyde… every industry has two or more belief systems as to how things should get done, in what order, and why. Often these systems are diametrically opposed and for good reason.

So, which brood do you fall in line with? Are you a Vampire? A Warewolf? A Witch? A Robot?

Pick a side and come along for the ride!

Read on: (not all links may be active until late Wednesday AM!)

Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing
Bad small business social media is why we can’t have nice things

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog
To blog or tell a story

Molly McCowan of Inkbot Editing
Battle of the Word Nerds: AP vs. Chicago

Melanie Kissell of I’m Blogging This
Three Business Bloggers Go Into a Bar: The Punch Line on Copy Editing

Carol Lynn Rivera of Web Search Social
Web, Search And Social Marketing: DIY Or CTM?

Annie Sisk of Stage Presence Marketing
Dr. Content “Pot” Jekyll, Meet Mr. Design “Kettle” Hyde. You’re Both Black.

Tea Silvestre of Story Bistro
Wide vs. Deep: How to Choose the Right Path for Building Your Business
Photo Credit: Jekyll by Andrew Steele

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