Value and Price: What’s Your Work Worth?

Value and Price: What’s Your Work Worth?

So you paid $5 to get in to the circus. Behind the scenes, though – you, me, and everybody else in the audience is hoping that the guy who keeps the lions, tigers, and bears caged earns more than $5 that night. And that the lions, tigers, and bears have gotten more than $5 in food before coming out to see all us yummy looking audience members, right?

Welcome to the big top! This is a discussion on price vs value – cost vs worth. You’re sure to get your money’s worth!

Read on:

Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing
Pull my lever: Efficiency and Effectiveness

Melanie Kissell of Solo Mompreneur
Value Tastes Better Than Price: A Tale of Eating Out and Eating In

Sharon Hurley Hall
Writer Marketing – How to Focus on Value

Alisa Meredith
Market Value Not Price

Nicole Fende of The Numbers Whisperer
Protect Your Bottom Line with a Profit Wingman

Michelle Church of Marketing Support 4 U
Living Your Truth Results in the Delivery of Value

Tea Silvestre of Story Bistro
The True Meaning of Your Unique Value Proposition (and How to Explain it Like a Pro)

Molly McCowan of Inkbot Editing
What is the Value of an Editor?

Carol Lynn Rivera of Web Search Social
Dear Customer, This Is What You Should Pay To Hire A Marketing Company

Denisse and Yaritza
Are You Pricing Your Time or Your Worth?

Annie Sisk of Stage Presence Marketing
What’s It Worth to You?

Bonus post: Nick Armstrong’s Pixelated on Purpose
Price, cost, and value of a good web person

Photo Credit: Circus Ticket Office by Garry Knight

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