Biggest Business Lessons of 2011

Biggest Business Lessons of 2011

The wheel of life (and business) is constantly turning. One day you’re up on top, the next you’re on your way down.

Hopefully, along the way you learn a few things so you can avoid those rough patches when they show up again in the future. (And they will.)

This month, our fabulous carnies share their biggest lessons learned during 2011:

Sharon Hurley Hall of Get Paid to Write Online:
Writing Life Lessons: The Biggest Thing I Learned Last Year


Nick Armstrong, The Business Storyteller:
The Five Things The Bachelor Can Teach Us About Marketing

Annie Sisk of PJ Productivity:
Masterminding Your Success

Emily Suess of Suess’ Pieces:
Five Tax Tips for Freelance Writers

Michelle Church of Virtually Distinguished:
The Truth About Being Alone

Clare Price of 5 Easy Pages:
The Power in Learning to Receive

Eugene Farber of Reality Burst:
Biggest Lesson of 2011: The Secret Ingredient of Business Success


Nicole Fende, A.S.A. of Small Business Finance Forum:
Unusual Assets – Taking Stock of the Past Year

Sandy McDonald of Why You Must Blog:
Be Still and Inspire

And of course, Tea Silvestre, aka the Word Chef:
Biggest Business Lesson of 2011: Be (Gasp!) Human

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Be sure to read as many of the blog posts as you can. We’ll be chatting about the topic on Facebook most of this week.

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  1. As usual to everyone in the group absolutely fantastic stuff! I’ve scheduled tweets for everyone’s posts to hit tomorrow (when people are looking for something to do other than work LOL).


  1. Unusual Assets - Taking Stock of the Past Year | - [...] invited me to join the Word Carnival, from which some of the participants created a mastermind group. That group…

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