Sandy McDonald, Why You Must Blog

Sandy McDonald, Why You Must Blog

The almost magical ability we now all enjoy, to connect to one another online, is well demonstrated by our Word Carnival experience.

Hi, I’m Sandy McDonald from Why You Must Blog and proud contributor to the Word Carnival team efforts to bring you monthly words of wisdom on all matters to do with being in a small business.

Why You Must Blog was borne out of a passionate belief that blogging is a powerful tool for businesses to connect to their community, build their business and make a difference.

The first revelation of this truly awesome medium, was as  co-founder of charity, KasCare, an online charity.

A simple idea, simply promulgated online, to offer warmth and comfort to some of the 2.7 million southern African children, made orphaned or vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and poverty, resulted in a growing international community of over 8,000 members from 52 countries, which thrives today.

Even more astounding, is that ownership of these tools and the manifestation of the idea now resides with this community around the world.

Previously, my husband Roger, poet/writer and marketer, and I, graphic designer turned small business consultant ran our own marketing communications and design business, ArtWords, for 22 years, before founding KasCare in 2008.

We  developed the online KasCare community and its primary programs, knit-a-square and KasKids using blogging, online marketing, SEO and trust-based relationship building.

Today, I  pass this working knowledge on to businesses and bloggers to develop their own online communities.

Key to this offer is the desire to save small business time and money. The Internet is a vast and powerful medium. Finding reputable service providers and honorable Internet marketing trainers can be frustrating and time consuming.

Using my experience and a trust monitor to evaluate the efficacy of the services or products, is the basis of any recommendation I make.

We recently founded Inspiring Women Online on LInkedIn, for both women and men to inspire and be inspired by each others’ experiences online, as an open platform of shared knowledge.

I greatly look forward to the sharing of expertise with you through Word Carnival’s eloquent and inspired team of bloggers.

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