Sharon Hurley Hall, Professional Writer and Blogger (and Word Nerd)

Sharon Hurley Hall, Professional Writer and Blogger (and Word Nerd)

I’m Sharon Hurley Hall – and I help small business owners, online entrepreneurs, solo bloggers and group blogs create well-written, well-researched and accurate (fully fact-checked) content – it’s search engine optimized and always on time. I haven’t missed a deadline in more than 20 years. I can edit and proof-read as well as write.

I have almost 25 years of experience writing professionally – as a journalist, an academic writer, a blogger, a ghost writer and an online copy writer. I love to write, I don’t just do it because I can and I’m good at it – which makes writing the only and obvious choice for my career and business.

I’m a word nerd, fanatical about grammar, and interested in almost everything – or at least I’m fascinated by learning new things, so there are very few topics that bore me. Just as well!

I’m a mentor to other writers and have been running the site Get Paid To Write Online since 2005 to help other writers improve and build sustainable and successful writing careers. I am active on social media – on Twitter here, on Facebook here, on LinkedIn here and on Google+.

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